Hi! My name is Clayton. Welcome to my website! I am a videographer and photographer in the Northeast Georgia region. I have a passion for telling stories from weddings to family photo shoots. Feel free to look around!

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Experience the important moments once, but keep a piece of them forever
Months or years of preparation all culminates in one experience, however brief, lasting forever in the minds of those there to witness it. incorporating videography and photography in your wedding day accomplishes two huge feats; it allows you to share the momentous event with those who would not otherwise be able to attend and it immortalizes the day in film or photo that can last forever!
With a specialty in narrative film-making
your photos and film will be much more than just snapshots, they will tell your story. Everyone has a phone in their pocket that is more than capable of capturing memories of special moments! When you book with Clayton Dean W. Creative, you are enlisting the help of someone equipped to tell your story in such a way that people who don't even know you will care to listen in and look at every frame closely!
How it works:
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