1. Will you be capturing audio throughout the day? If so, how?
Capturing the audio of your wedding day is something that I have spent a lot of time planning out and preparing for by the time the wedding day comes around! The camera that you will see me running around with will have a “shot-gun” mic attached to it, ideal for picking up sounds from directly in front of the camera while blocking out background noise. I will also be bringing with me one or more lavaliere microphones that can be discretely attached to the groom or officiant to record even more isolated and higher quality dialogue. I will often give this microphone to the groom as soon as he is done getting ready and have it record straight through from then until the end of the ceremony. This way I can avoid the dreaded “Oh no! I forgot to turn on the microphone before the ceremony!” During the ceremony, the microphone that I have on the groom is also what I use to capture the audio of the bride and the officiant. But wait, there’s more! If your wedding involves the use of a sound system, whether it's the DJ’s or the venue’s, I will bring an external recorder to capture all the audio that passes through that system! All of these things combine to mean that, at any point in the ceremony, I am capturing audio from three distinct sources! If one fails, I have two failsafes. If two fail, (which has never happened to me) I still have one more failsafe.
2. Have things ever “gone wrong”?
Of course they do! I’m sure that is the last thing that you want to hear from your wedding media team, but hear this too. I plan for things to go wrong. I have at least three different devices recording audio during the ceremony just in case something goes wrong. I bring multiple cameras and over a dozen extra batteries in case something goes wrong. I have ways to clean my lenses in case something goes wrong! But want to hear even worse news? As of the time I’m writing this, something has gone wrong at every wedding I have ever worked! A camera has died, batteries went out when they shouldn’t have, audio equipment recorded nothing but static, you name it, something has always gone wrong. But thanks to all the fail-safes I employ, the finished products that I have been able to provide my clients have never shown signs of damage. I encourage you to watch my first ever wedding video and try to guess how many things went wrong during the ceremony alone!
3. How do you handle difficult lighting situations?
4. How long until I get my video?
5. What is your process for delivering the final video?
6. Are you able to accommodate any specific requests or must-have shots that I have?
7. Have you ever shot a wedding at this venue before?
8. How will you work with the photographer to ensure that you are both capturing the day without getting in each other's way?
9. Can we provide a shot list or list of must-have shots?
10. Any other questions? Ask me!
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